Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knowledge v/s Lenience

Some of them are simply the best, some of them you wish you had never known. If there is one set of people in this world you just can't generalize, they are teachers. And this is that class of people which you just can't do without for about the first 20-21 years of your life. We have all been enamoured by some of our schools teachers( by the teaching part I mean :P ) and we have all just dreaded the sight of some of them. So, as I come to the fag end of my journey in life as a student(in a formal manner) I have, out of sheer abundance of time, tried to define the types of a teacher.

Since we are doing it, Why not do it MBA style! So, I have developed a 2*2 matrix for the same. The quality of teachers, according to me, can be judged based on two factors:-

1. How Good is his/her knowledge of the subject? or rather ability to share that knowledge
2. How Lenient is the teacher with the students?

Now looking at all the categories one by one. 

Tough Taskmasters :-They are damn good in the subject that they are teaching. They will constantly give insights which actually make you think. Since they take their work seriously, they expect the students to do the same. You can't go to their classes, do nothing and come back. You have to work! They are not loved by the students but they get on to you with time and one starts to appreciate them.

Good For Nothings :- They think that they know everything and keep trying to showcase their authority in the class. But the fact is, their knowledge is too limited and they don't know how to teach. So, undestandbly the students don't pay any attention in their classes which they can't digest. Hence, the false aggression and self obsession.

Spoilers :- These are those teachers who don't know a lot and are ready to accept that or they have knowledge but are just not good at dissipating it. But, they don't create a lot of fuss in the class. Students are generaly not disturbed by them when sleeping. They generally have a smile on their face. Students like them despite the fact that knowledge addition is minimal. But they spoil you in the long run as no matter how sweet, a teacher's primary job is to teach. 

Teachers:- I have named this category as teachers as they are my favourites or rather every students'  favourite. They are rarely found but wherever and whenever they are, they have so much information and knowledge to share that they garner a huge fanbase from day 1. But at the same time, they don't bother you a lot with assignments etc and generally don't even bother you in your sleep. They are good and they know it so they don't need any self assurance. As a student you just can't not pay attention to them.

Thats it from my side, Looking forward to some interesting feedback! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

A Valentine's Day Special

What is love to me
Looking into her eyes
Playing with her hair
Love is in the air

Irritating her 24/7
Inviting that glare
Love is in the air

Doing something stupid
Then wanting to share
Love is in the air

Picking her up
Carrying her up the stairs
Love is in the air

Fighting all the time
Being a perfect pair
Love is in the air

What is love to me
With nothing left to say
3 words wanting to hear
Love is in the air