Sunday, December 12, 2010


Silence is so beautiful
I hear the sound of life
In this life these moments of lull
I so thrive

As the fog covers the hills
Becomes visible the beauty of white
No matter how you capture these stills
Nothing matches living this sight

Travelling in a train u look out
That tiny cottage brings a smile
With memories you surround
You want to go home after a while

Surrounded by strangers you feel alone
You wish there was someone to talk to
But reality hits like a stone
For the meanwhile, talking to yourself will have to do

You get rid of the sad thoughts
Pick up your bags and step out
Smiling thinking of haves and have nots
To survive here you know you will have to stout

Thursday, December 9, 2010

England-Bad losers or FIFA-corrupt rulers

FIFA Executive Committee handed over the hosting rights of Football World Cup 2018 & 2022 to Russia and Qatar. This much is fact and rest we have heard and read are opinions and claims.

You must already have read and heard a lot about these claims being made by various parties concerned from the British, American and Australian bid teams. I chose not to write about it as almost everything was already sadi but when I read a press statement by Sepp Blatter about England being Bad losers, I couldn't help but read between the lines.

I would like to bring up to date those who have not been following this controversy closely. England were being considered the favourites to win the 2018 World Cup hosting rights and they turned no stone unturned with David Beckham, Prince William and Prime Minister David Cameron as the face of the bid. But Russia was being seen as a close competition because of FIFA's vision to take the game to far fetched corners of the World. England were supposedly promised votes by as many as 7 members but in the end they got 2 votes. This after England were rated as the best techical bid by all assessments and the promises ofcourse. Similarly, Australia and USA had bid for the 2022 World Cup and they were also rated as the best bids. In the final votes, England got 2 out of 22 out of which 1 was there own representative. Australia and USA got 4 votes together. So this accounts to 6/44 votes for the BEST bids.

BBC carried a story against corruption in FIFA few days prior to the vote and this seems to have played its role. There have a lot of voices since, many accusing FIFA of having sold the rights to the "Highest Bidders." Well, Russia and Qatar-makes sense. Sepp Blatter reportedly reminded ExCom members about the BBC story before the vote and the same man comes in front of press and says that England are bad losers. I am not trying to portray the English as Gods, they have done there share of blunders in the world but in this case, they seem to be right. 

Now reading between the lines. Sepp Blatter's exact words were, "What can be wrong if we start football in regions where this sport demonstrates a potential which goes far beyond sport?" What I understand from this statement is, :-

1. I gave them the World Cup
2. I gave them the World Cup because I want the game to spread
3. There is nothing wrong in doing this

Well, this statement is in noway an acceptance of corruption, We Wish! But it certainly seems to be an acceptance of the fact that the vote is a joke and the World Cup Hosting Rights are given by the whims and fancies of FIFA ExCom Members or rather Sepp Blatter himself.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yar mere Dildar

A punjabi poem, written in english to reach a wider audience

Yar mere Dildar
Meri Zindagi di bahar
Tuhade Dil cich hai bas pyar
Yar mere Dildar

Tuhadi Yari mera sansar
Tusi milo har janam har bar
Yar mere dildar
Mere dil da karaar
Mere haq ch khadi talwar
Yar mere Dildar
Kende honge menu chad sentiyan na mar
Sare ekko ek star
Yar mere Dildar

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mystery

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ACP Brijender Singh was lying in his bed with one hand constantly flickering the night lamp. Shalini, his wife, noticed this for some time and chose to ignore it. She knew he had a lot on his mind currently. They had made it a rule in their marriage not to interfere in each other’s work. But after watching this go on for 15 minutes, she said, “ Whats the matter Brij? Still thinking about the case? Let it rest for some time and go to sleep. You have not slept properly for 5 days now.”

Brijender was lost in his own thoughts and did not respond. Shalini touched his face and said, “ Are you Ok?” Brijender was startled but said,” Ya ya I am fine.” 

But Shalini knew that he wasn’t. Brijender had not slept properly for the last 5 days. She knew the reason, the entire world knew by now.

It all started on the 1st of May when Atul Malhotra, a well known journalist was found dead in his office late in the night. Later it was found out that he was strangled to death at 8 PM. The media had soon got hold of the story and it was immediately flashing as the headline on most of the top news channels. All the national and regional newspapers had the story running on the front page next day. 

Rajat & Amita Aggarwal had come in late on the previous night from a foreign trip and had had no time to catch on with the news. When Amita read the news of Atul’s death, who was a close friend of Rajat, she was shocked and went running towards Rajat to inform him of this incident but she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her husband lying on the ground,dead. Amita let out a huge cry and all the servants came running. Amita had got up 8:55 AM and had been out of the room for only 10 minutes. Rajat was the head of a Delhi based publishing house.

The primary evidence showed the murders to have taken place in an identical way. There was no straightforward logic that related the two murders and that is when the case was handed over to Brijender who had developed an image of seeing what was hidden in the one year he had been an IPS officer. The murders seemed to have been done in a perfect manner. No one had seen anyone enter or leave the victims’ house near the time of the murders. Brijender spend the whole day trying to figure out a connection between the two murders but no matter how deeply he dug into both victim’s work or life he couldn’t find something that would tell him who did this or why?  

It had been more than 60 hours since the first murder had taken place but still Brijender was no close to finding who did it. Brijender was about to leave for home when his phone rang at 6:45 PM on the 4th of May. His heart sank when he heard the news that another murder had taken place in exactly the same manner. The victim in this case was Meera Gulabchand, another giant from the publishing world . He rushed to the spot and to his horror, the press was there before him. He was bombarded with questions about who this serial killer was, Why were all the targets publishers or media persons and what he was doing to stop him? This was when Brijender finally realised that his major worry is not to find the killer but to save people who might be his next targets. 
It was 6th May now and this news was all over the news and Brijender was in the line of fire but it was not the press that bothered him. He was worried if there could be someone else as well and if yes, Who? And When?

Brijender tried to divert the topic and asked Shalini, “what are you reading?” Shalini was herself in the publishing industry but she was very new into the world so Brij was more or less certain that she could not be a target all the targets till now were bigwigs. Shalini replied, “ Just a manuscript I picked up today in the office. I read a couple of pages and found them interesting. Some guy wrote it a few years back but it was rejected. Don’t know why?”

Brij- What is the title?
Shalini-THE MYSTERY, written by some Akash Mehra

Brijender had come across this name somewhere in his investigation. He thought for a couple of minutes and suddenly a spark appeared in his eyes. He asked Shalini for a pen and paper.

Brij didn’t answer
Shalini was confused.

After scribbling for sometime, Brijender asked Shalini to call her boss.
The call went through.

Shalini: Hi Sir. Sorry for calling so late. My husband wants to talk to you.
After about 15 minutes, and a lot of Questions, Brijender cut the line.
Brij-I think you just solved the case for me.
As Akash Mehra entered the house of Ajay Pratap Singh at 1:58 PM on 7th May, he thought his revenge is soon going to be complete and completely according to the script. First Atul Malhotra, who called himself a friend, but still hadn't helped him one bit in getting his book published. Then it was Rajat Aggarwal and Meera Gulabchand’s turn who had told him that he should stop writing as his writing “simply not upto the mark” & “Just not good enough.” Their words still echoed in his ears. He had saved Ajay for the last as Ajay, CEO of Penguin India, had humiliated him the most. He still couldn’t forget the day when Ajay, in front of his entire top management team, had told him to try writing for a children's magazine or rather teach maths in a school like his protagonist in the so called novel. He couldn’t ever forget the torture he had gone through. 

Suddenly a person in a white shirt and brown trousers came running towards Akash and pinned him to the ground. As Akash frantically tried to release himself, Brijender took a sigh of relief.
Brijender jotted down the words THE MYSTERY on a piece of paper. And started writing numbers underneath.
THE MYS=90,24+24+24+18
THE MYSTERY=158,24+24+24+24+24+14
1/5/8  - 8 PM
2/5/8 – 9 AM
4/5/8 – 6 PM
7/5/8 – 2 PM

Luckily for Ajay Pratap Singh, ACP Brijender Singh’s wife worked under him.

Brijender and Shalini decided they should infact discuss work at home.

Akash Mehra has been in prison for the last two years. He was been given Death Sentence for multiple murders.

P.S.-I have used the concept of EJOTY. For details visit 
       24+9 means one full day plus 9 hours & so on for others

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