Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Biggest Indian Cover Up??

Some of us may never have heard the names of Kim Davy or Peter Bleach. Well I hadn't till today. But this is all a good cover up is all about.

To bring everyone upto date, Kim Davy & Peter Bleach were the key accused in the Purulia arms drop case. What was the Purulia arms drop case? Simply put, it was one of the biggest internal security breaches that India might ever have had. A air plane carrying ammunition entered India from Pakistan without being tracked and dropped ammunition worth $450,000 at a place called Purulia which is on the West Bengal-Bihar Border. The arms were supposed to have been delivered for an anti-left organisation called Anand Marga in West Bengal. This all was done to help Anand Marga in a armed mutiny against the West Bengal Government. Peter Bleach, who was the arms dealer involved in the case served 8 years in Indian Prison before being given Presidential Pardon. But, he spent those 8 years without ever getting to depose in front of an Indian Court. Kim Davy had apparently fled from India and was untraceble.

An Indian News Chanel(Times Now) today, somehow, got in touch with Kim Davy and Peter Bleach and aired their interviews. The revelations were startling to say the least. Peter Bleach claims that he had informed the British Internal Security service MI5 about this whole plan before going ahead with it and they in turn had informed the Indian Intelligence, not once, not twice, but three times. He also claims that right after having been caught, he had written a 30 page statement where he shared all the details about the plan and gave it to CBI officials who later refuted that such a statement was ever taken.  He claims that he was never even brought in front of an Indian Judge so that he could tell his story. Eventually when he was given the pardon, he was rushed out of the country when he was supposed to appear before a court in a couple of days which was 8 years later and by then NDA was in power with Trinamool Congress as an ally!

Kim Davy, who was & is a Anand Marga symphatiser, alleges that he was helped by an MP at that time(Pappu Yadav) and CBI official JK Dutt to get out of the country via the Nepal Border. He also claims that Pappu Yadav had assured him that he had backing of someone from the PMO. Kim Davy has been living in Denmark after that and he wasn't living a life of hiding, he was regularly talking to the press. Whereas, CBI was telling the court that he is not traceble.

There are a lot of question marks in this whole episode.An patriotic might look at Davy and Bleach as two foreigners and criminals at that trying to defame India but at the same time a critical look at the matter poses many questions, What did the intelligence agencies do about the warnings they received? How could a airplane enter India(from Pakistan) and not given raise an eyebrow? Why didn't Bleach face a court for 8 years? How could the CBI claim to not being able to find Davy when he was in Denmark all this while and living an open life? Why was he rushed out of India, was it British Government's pressure or political compulsions for the NDA? Why didn't the British say anything while Bleach was in court when Bleach claims they knew about the whole plan? Did the British Govt. also had a fishy role in the whole affair? Sceptics may also say that Why has this story seen the light of day when the Left is almost certain to be thrown out of West Bengal?

Lets hope we get the answers someday, and sooner the better!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Alive seems to be the perfect title for this post, considering the fact that this blog has been dormant for a long time. But more than that, this heading is appropriate because of the contents that are about to follow.

25th April, 2011, to me, would always be a day of victory for the Indian Media. A day when Suresh Kalmadi was arrested and a day when Kanimozhi was chargesheeted. Not taking the claims of Indian Politicos on the face values and not being bogged down by the threats of certain high profile people, Indian media followed the two cases-2G & CWG with utmost perseverance and dedication. When Mr. Kalmadi thought that he could get away with looting our country of crores of rupees, Navika Kumar from Times Now brought crucial evidence from England that implicated Kalmadi and despite his dozens of attempts to threathen them and dissuade them, Times Now stood ground. Not to take any credit away from other news channels, they soon picked up the story and made sure that the people concerned are not able to get away with their deeds.

Similarly, in the case of the 2G scam, when almost everyone thought that A Raja getting caught was enough, our friends in television and print media kept following it and now we know, (as Subramanium Swami said) , "Raja hai to Rani bhi hogi hi." 

But what has been more heartening has been the efforts of the media itself to downplay the arrests of Kalmadi and Kanimozhi. Rather than trying to showcase themselves as heroes, they themselves have accepted that Kalmadi and Kanimozhi might be people acting as the fall guys and the big fish might still be out in the open.

There is still a lot to be answered and a lot that has to be pursued. But with the kind of  excitement shown by the civil society and a alive & LIVE media, I am sure the Bosses of the Kalmadis n Kanimozhis and Hasan Alis will soon be chakki peesing & peesing in Tihar Jail, which apparently is the latest hotspot for VIPs :P