Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children at heart

As they got down at the train station in Alpnachstad, the first thing they noticed was the steep train ride they were now supposed to take. It was not hard to believe that the ride from Alpnachstad to Mt. Pilatus is the steepest Cogwheel train journey in the world. It had been 2 months now that Adarsh, Ashish, Mandeep, Mitesh & Aditya had been in Europe for their Student Exchange Programme but still everything gave them something new to relish and savour. As they started with their journey towards the top of Mt. Pilatus, Mitesh (being the information collector in the group) had the weather report ready and informed everybody that its very foggy and snowing atop the hill. This brought a mix of emotions and snow meant fun but fog meant so panaromic views of the beautiful snow clad mountain peaks. But they were anyways bored of panaromic views by now and snow was going to be exciting and it was. 

As the 30 min cogwheel ride came to an end and they walked into the areas of pilatus that were open to tourists, the first thing Ashish said was, " The best decision in my life was to come on exchange cause isne jannat dikhadi" which was correct in every true sense of the word, Switzerland aftelall is the heaven on earth. As they started walking on the snow, they could feel the slight chill because of the cold climate but who cared! Off they went- making snow balls and throwing them on each other, picking up snow and putting into each others' clothes and what not. Ashish & Mandeep thrashed Adarsh & Aditya and in the snow ball competition. Mitesh acted as the judge, whom Aditya and Adarsh continuously accused of being biased. Any bywatcher might have considered them to be 12-13 years old but the child in you never dies and the 12-13 year old in them was full in action that day. 

Adarsh made an attempt to climb a wall being made by the snow, after 3-4 steps, he realised it was not that easy a task as his feet started to freeze but "photo to banti hi thi" so mitesh was up for the task. This made Mitesh want to have a pic of his own in the same position but found it a bit difficult to climb the wall, ended up taking just a step into the snow and Adarsh took the picture immediately so that Mitesh could come out of his not-that-comfortable situation.


Mitesh wanted to cover himself in snow and be a real "SNOW-MAN" and the task was completed by Ashish and Adarsh in a very short time period with Mandeep doing the honours by cicking the photographs. Aditya, being a mumbaiwala couldn't handle the cold for long and went and sat inside but that was after he had had his own share of fun.

As they started to walk back towards the point of departure, Adarsh said, " Aaj to Gloves and jacket ki importance pata lag gayi. Thand ka pata hi ni laga, warna to jam hi jaata" and Mitesh said, " Mujhe to underwear ki importance pata lagi warna aj snow man banne k baad uth na paata." 

Off the went-Smiling,talking,Buzzing.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Story of Bahadurgarh

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Brijender was an upcoming writer who was slowly making a name for himself through his poems about nature. His success was quick for a 22 year old. He was currently living in Delhi and was headed to Shamli, the undisputed king of hill stations in India. He was thinking of shifting permanently to Shamli as living in nature would give him more ideas on how to portray nature.

Brijender was sleeping in the train when the train sounded its hooter and disturbed his sleep. He looked out of the window and was astonished to see the beauty being created by the fog getting immersed into the mustard crops in the fields. Thoughts started flowing into his mind and he started to write...

Its all white out there
But I know there is yellow
Heavens must have sent me here
For my poetry to be mellow

Or is it heaven only
For it can't be better
Sitting silently so lonely
As if nothing else matters

As the train came to a halt at the station, he felt a voice attracting him to this city. He thought for a while, what If I get down here only? But, he thought, I have no place to stay here! As he was battling his own mind, the poet in him won the battle against the sane mind in him. He picked up all his stuff and got down at the station. He had no idea what was the name of the place he had got down at. He had no idea what this place had to offer. All he knew was that this place was just like the place he imagined and dreamt of whenever he sat down to write a poem. He had no idea what was he going to do now. He was going around the station when he saw "Bahadurgarh" written on a signboard at the station. He went to the station tea shop and asked for a glass of cutting chai. After having his chai, he asked the tea wala if there is a hotel or a guest house in the village. The chai wala laughed and said, " Sahib, yahan hafte mein ek rail gadi aati hai. Yahan koi hotel kyun hi kholega." So he enquired if he could stay somewhere. The chai wala first confirmed what exactly was he doing there. Though he wasn’t entirely convinced by Brijender's reply, he decided to help. He told him of the village Dak Ghar where he could get a place to stay for a couple of nights. Brijender finally reached the Dak Ghar and after much convincing, he was given a room by the caretaker.

 After staying there for a couple of days, he began to get to know people. He also came in touch with Pritam Bahadur who was the youngest in the line of Bahadurs, who ruled the area with an iron fist. The Bahadur family had faced a couple of tragedies in the last couple of years and now there were just 3 members remaining in the family- Rai Bahadur(50), Rai's wife Sarita Bahadur(44) and their nephew Pritam(22). Rai Bahadur was the name that was given to the head of the family and whenever someone became the patriach, he was rechristened as Rai. Pritam had read a couple of poems written by Brijender which made things easy. Brijender was soon living with the Bahadurs as a guest. His poetry was moving along and he was suddenly writing twice as much as he used to. Only a month had gone by and He had already written 30 poems and 17 short stories which were somehow related to Bahadurgarh. He decided to dedicate a complete book to Bahadurgarh. As he kept on writing, he had a huge collection of writings specifically dedicated to the village of Bahadurgarh which he sent for publication. As he was already a known name in the poetry circles, he easily got a publisher. Soon, the book was released and the sooner it became a huge success. People were getting enamoured by the beauty of this place just by reading about it. The book was released on June 27, 1927 and by the end of the year it had become the largest selling book by an Indian author ever. Bahadurgarh soon became a highly popular destination for High Ranking British officials. The frequency of trains to Bahadurgarh was now up to 3 trains a week. 

Residents of Bahadurgarh also considered Brijender to be their guardian angel. The village was supposed to have been haunted by a spirit. People believed that the spirit had somehow disappeared after Brijender came to the village.

Meanwhile, Sarita Bahadur, the only female left in the Bahadur family had developed a superstition that the bad luck of the family has something to do with the family's name being used in the village's name. She was pestering her husband to change the name of the village.


It was a rainy night in July, 1904 when 3 men held a woman by her arms and dragged her to the railway station of Bahadurgarh. The woman was crying and constantly claiming innocence but the three men were in no mood to let go. They held her tight and pushed her into the train. Al this while she was accompanied by her father who walked and didn’t react even once.

Inder Kumari was the only daughter of the Railway Inspector at Bahadurgarh, Ram Mohan. She had committed the eternal sin of falling in love with a Bahadur, who by tradition couldn't marry outside their clan. Their relationship had reached a point of no return and  she was soon to give birth to their child. The Bahadurs got a sniff of this and summoned Inder's father and asked both father and daughter to leave the village or face dire consequences.

Ram Mohan and Inder moved to the nearest city, Shamli where Ram Mohan got a new job but he never forgave her for what she had done. They rarely talked but he took care of his daughter as a doting father. Inder had made up her mind that she will take care of the child as a single mother. She had studied till 10th standard so she could have got a decent job as well. But, life had other tricks to play with Inder. Just when she thought she could resettle in life, Ram Mohan passed away. The same night, she gave birth to a baby boy. Though she was a strong woman, the death of her father had a huge impact on her. She took the boy and kept him outside a temple with a note-His name is Brijender!

She took the next train to Bahadurgarh. She lived at the station, hiding, for a week. The next week, when the train was arriving at the station, it ran over Inder. This incident was to haunt Bahadurgarh and the Bahadur's for the next 22 years

As Brijesh Bahadur took a flight to London on June 27, 1904 he had no idea he would return never to see his beloved Inder.

Inder was afraid yet happy, she was planning to tell Rai about their yet to be born child after his return. She had already thought a name for the boy(if its a boy)-Brijender.

As the formalities to change the name of the city village had been worked out, a huge function was organised to officially rename the village. The function was to take place at the railway station. Bahadurgarh was now a known name in the entire area so the function had guests like the Lord Anthony Bates, who was the head of the British Empire in North India and Devinder Singh, who belonged to the Royal family of Patti wala.

Lord Bates got on to the stage and announced the new name and pulled the cover from the station's signboard which now read the new name-Inderpur!

Rai Bahadur had a tear in his eye.  He thought of that dreaded day, when he was still Brijesh, and he took that flight to London. He thought of the irony in the boy's name and smiled. This was his tribute to the only lady he had ever loved.

Brijender was proud. He had no idea. 

P.S. - Just thought using coblogger's name is a lucky omen :P

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The Classroom Scene

The Professor enters with a smile
Starts to observe after a while

Someone taking notes
Another Participating loads
Someone playing with a pen
Another thinking how to get 10 on 10

Someone looking down
Another has a frown
Someone wants to sleep
Another already asleep

Someone trying to impress a girl
Another(the girl) giving her hair a twirl
Someone playing with his phone
Another laughing alone

Someone talking to the neighbour
Another tasting lays' new flavour
Someone writing, maybe a poem
Another looking out, adoring the autumn

The Professor leaves with a smile
Keeps smiling for a while