Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yes or No

Often in life one confronts situations where he or she has to make a choice or a decision to take or just state what he or she thinks of the situation. Ofcourse your beliefs can lie on either side of the line. There are two types of people you can come across, one who believe in what is called 'opinion' or others who believe in things existing as 'Yes or No' e.g. a person may have a different political lineage in comparision to another, now one may not see it as a problem as he believe its a matter of personal choice whereas the other may see his compatriot in a negative light as according to him what he believes is truth and all rest is farce. Now again, whats your perception of these two persons is governed by if you are a 'opinion' person or a'Yes or No' person. A Opinion person would consider both of them to be holding different kind of beliefs and are two different human beings whereas a 'Yes or No' person would be in favour of one or the other depending on what his believes are. Thats human behaviour. No ones wrong and no ones right, its just your perception. I guess you know what kind of a person I


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