Friday, October 1, 2010

The Classroom Scene

The Professor enters with a smile
Starts to observe after a while

Someone taking notes
Another Participating loads
Someone playing with a pen
Another thinking how to get 10 on 10

Someone looking down
Another has a frown
Someone wants to sleep
Another already asleep

Someone trying to impress a girl
Another(the girl) giving her hair a twirl
Someone playing with his phone
Another laughing alone

Someone talking to the neighbour
Another tasting lays' new flavour
Someone writing, maybe a poem
Another looking out, adoring the autumn

The Professor leaves with a smile
Keeps smiling for a while


Sharan Saini said...

"Another tasting lays' new flavour"
I am actually eating some stupid new flavour of Lays right now :) and surely thats wat happens in the class but most of the Professors dont leave with a smile

Guddu said...


adarshs said... foresaw it :) n lets hope some teacher reads d poem n starts feelin dis way...

adarshs said...

Qguddu...thanks a lot..

Sidra Sayeed said...

So true! the world around us is so perfect. It's nonchalant even as we rob it of its non-existent privacy, capture it in our words! khana, sona, padhna, ok thoda padhna, zada khana...with a hint of poetry as garnish ;)

I miss school! I once wrote a silly poem on Shah Rukh Khan may be if I get over the personal embarrassment ;) of having written it, one day I'll post it! hehhe

adarshs said...

@sidra....u shud :) ...i still write poems in class....only way o stayin