Sunday, December 12, 2010


Silence is so beautiful
I hear the sound of life
In this life these moments of lull
I so thrive

As the fog covers the hills
Becomes visible the beauty of white
No matter how you capture these stills
Nothing matches living this sight

Travelling in a train u look out
That tiny cottage brings a smile
With memories you surround
You want to go home after a while

Surrounded by strangers you feel alone
You wish there was someone to talk to
But reality hits like a stone
For the meanwhile, talking to yourself will have to do

You get rid of the sad thoughts
Pick up your bags and step out
Smiling thinking of haves and have nots
To survive here you know you will have to stout


Sidra Sayeed said...

I can imagine the state in which this was written. Perhaps it was in a moment mixed with a little bit of nostalgia, self confidence and of course romance! Correct me if I’m wrong, I very well could be 
And yes, living a sight is way more powerful than experiencing it as an image because first our eyes are the best possible cameras ever made ;) and of course the other elements such as the sound of the wind, perhaps the falling flurries, perhaps a train pulling in on a platform or a woman talking in the background or a cloud of memories…any and all could add to the way you feel while you’re witnessing a spectacle like the one you’ve described.

PS: Read your mystery, quite enthralling indeed ;)

Sidra Sayeed said...

my absent mindedness let me forget the title of your poem and guess what it's exactly what I thought it was about...dayuummm

adarshs said...

i ll tell u d exact travellin in a train in switzerland...beautiful locations...surrounded by ppl speakin french,german etc etc...n watever u said abt living rather den watching pictures is bulls eye...n thanks for d mysterious comments on d mystery ;)