Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Way to Race Course Road

The race to the seat of President of India has been won by Pranab Mukherjee even before it has begun. The numbers clearly suggest that Pranab Da is soon going to become the 1st Citizen of India, taking over the mantle from Pratibha Patil. He is being opposed by Former Speaker P.A. Sangma, who we all know doesn't stand much of a chance. But still the BJP chose to support him. Why??

There was a small period in between when the BJP would have been smelling blood-Remember Mulayam's 'support' for Kalam or is it to much in the past now!! But, President Kalam is not a politician and there was no way he was going to contest "just to make a point." 

After the Mulayam fiasco, BJP decided to support the candidature of Sangma though it has not been supported by allies like JD(U) & Shiv Sena. There have been arguments that BJP didn't want to lend support to a fledgling UPA, which maybe true. There have also been voices that BJP didn't want to support Mukherjee, because it was not consulted before the announcement. Again, if there is one thing consistent with UPA/Congress, it their arrogance & audacity. So, it wouldn't have come as a surprise. So, why fight the losing battle?

I am not a journalist and don't have contacts in political parties to tell you what the "insiders" say but my own observations tell me that supporting Sangma is the best Political move BJP has made in ages. Who cares that they will lose. Who remembers the person who fought against APJ Abdul Kalam? Who remembers Who supported her candidature? BJP knows that Sangma's candidature and this election would be forgotten pretty soon. They have used this election as a launchpad for 2014. They understand very well that 2014 is the best chance for them to return to power and if not, the next chance may not come in the current leadership's life time. Seriously, CWG/ 2G/ Inflation/ Rupee Falling etc etc. If anyone benefits from all this, it has to be the BJP. And who is the best candidate to get them to 7, Race Course Road? Yes, you got it right- Narendra Modi! One may have any views against him or his politics, but you can't deny that he has become the posterboy not just for "Hindutva" fanatics but for "development" freaks as well. The biggest hurdle in his way is not the opposition from Congress but that from the JD(U). By supporting Sangma, BJP has gained favours with AIADMK & BJD, which in fact double the strength of JD(U). As for Shiv Sena, BJP knows- Jayenge to Jayenge Kahan! 

Also, Supporting Sangma would ensure BJP some traction in the North East where it is non-existent. There is good possibility of Sangma & his supporters joining the BJP after the elections. Though North East doesn't have the strength to play make or break but it could be BJP's chance to make its presence felt in that part of the country as well. Though BJP wouldn't want to depend on it, but chances of support from Mamata Didi would also be very high.

And after all, Sharad Yadav has been the NDA Convener for all these years so you can't except JD(U) to support Congress in the next elections. Although nothing is certain in Politics but such an eventuality looks unlikely. Therefore if the BJP falls a few numbers short in 2014, they can always bank upon the outside support of JD(U)!! Ofcoure, all these calculations are hypothetical in nature and depend a lot on whether or not BJP can set its house in order before the next General Elections. But for the time being, they seemed to have Bypassed Raisina Hill on the way to Race Course Road. 


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