Sunday, March 29, 2009


Who says IPL is going out of India, its just changed its name-INDIAN POLITICAL LEAGUE. The mega event of Indian Politics is back and seems its bigger.How I wish I could have said, bigger and BETTER. But, sadly our politicians don't give us that privilege. Below the belt remarks have become fashion of the day. Manmohan and Congress attack Advani & Advani and BJP attack Manmohan.

It just looks as if issues and ideology have no space in this great extravaganza of Indian democracy. All this talk about secular and non-secular forces is crap. Each and every party is an equal shareholder in this. Just that some use it to woo the hindus, some to woo the muslims and every community that exists. Besides that what issues are there, no1 mentions economy, no1 mentions national security, no1 mentions the education system,corruption and everything that should be talked about and isn't. Though I wouldn't say that only the politicians are to be blamed. I think the media is an equal party to all this drama. For example, I totally agree that Whatever Varun Gandhi said was absurd and nonsense( i.e. if he did, I dont wanna court controversy but did it really deserve the airtime it got. The media takes shelter that its their duty to report such instances but were they really reporting. For 1 week, the only thing that was there on the news channels was Varun Gandhi, as if the rest of world had seized to exist. I am sure our dear PM and PM-in-waiting both say some substantial things in their press conferences and public meetings but all we get to see is masala. I think the media is working for TRP's rather than journalism.

Coming to the latest news i.e. Advani challenging Manmohan Singh to have a live TV debate. I somehow like this idea a lot.Mr Advani being a seasoned politician that he is, always knew that the congress would never accept this proposal as his counterpart is nowhere near him when it comes to debating and oratory skills, probably used it as a ploy to score some brownie points among the voters who were the proponets of such a concept. But despite that Congress could have handled it better but on the contrary Congress' reply was really funny, They ofcourse refused citing that we don't have a presidential type of election and our voters vote for the MP, not the PM. I think we all know what parliamentary system we follow but despite this, I think we don't always vote for the MP, the national leadership matters a lot. While voting we all need to know what exactly our probable prime ministers stand for and taking forward what congress said, why don't we have local debates between the MP candidates as well. I think it would be a good idea because afterall our country has to move forward from where votes are cast on the basis of religion or on the basis of how much money a specific candidate is offering for a vote. For this there will have to be a conscious effort from all sections of the society, till then its all a masala movie and this time Manmohan and Advani are playing the leads.


Sharan Saini said...

Nicely n truly written:) ... parliamentary system is crap

adarshs said...

thanks...well i wouldn't say its crap, its just not being handled in the right way

Sharan Saini said...

whutever!!! duh!! :s