Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daughter of a Daughter

She said I want to study

To fight the world I want to be ready

But I will take care of you my child, said her mother

Soon she was married against her wish by the father

She toiled in the day, she cried in the night

Her mother couldn’t do anything about her plight

She was left alone & unequipped in her fight

Soon she was blessed with a child

Overjoyed with emotions she couldn't control her smile

But the husband seemed sad, he said, “I wanted a boy”

She said, “She is my boy & she will be my joy”

It was made sure the child went to school

The husband banished the child & acted as a fool

The mother made sure the daughter didn’t lack any tools

The child went on to be a bright child & a great daughter

She even allured her stubborn father

“Do you want a boy” asked the wife one day

He said, “No, as from me I don’t want any of her love to be taken away”

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