Friday, March 5, 2010

Find a Way

I look at them & feel a connection
in them I see my own reflection
then why have we grown so much apart
why have we lost all regard

Its not long ago we were still one
but why now in between has come a gun
just because someone drew a line across our lands
we still could have held on to each others' hands

The sad truth is now we are two
noone knows when & due to who
dont tell me those two dates in august
sometime before must love have left us

Some of ours still live across the line
rather all across the line are like mine
then why are we reason for each others' agony
giving others' a reason to laugh at our irony

We all need to think of a solution
a solution to restore the relation
like it or not, next to each other we have to stay
so together we will have to find a way


prashanthi said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent dude

Neha Pande said...

awesumness is the word

Dolly said...

Hmmm.. Hey i hope evrythn is fine dear??
Bt its well written.. reallii nice:)