Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grandfather of Cricket

Donned the mantle for 20 years now
He has managed it for so long. How?
Having won us many a match
What defines Indian Cricket is Sach!

November 1989 was such a long time back
Since then he has been collecting runs stack after stack
He might have been eluded of that 300
But who else can claim a ODI 200

Humbled them when he was just out of the cradle
Then went on to invent the paddle
He kept hammering them all
Fielders were left chasing the ball

No matter how hard Bucknor or Denness tried
Or keepers claiming edges lied
Be it ODI’s or tests
He kept making bowlers look like a jest

Not a player him who doesn’t admire
Some “experts” keep asking him to retire
He carries on that cover drive followed with a nod
That is why for billions he is GOD

He gave Warne nightmares
Even the Don thought he is rarest or the rare
As he turns the grandfather of international cricket
Hope even longer he stays on the wicket


Brijender Singh said...

Tendulkar may have scorched a trail of success,determination and glory like never seen before.
But his admirers have taken his adulation to preposterous proportions-the recent $ 75,000 book about him being a case in point.
And what then irks is Tendulkar's smug indifference to such vulgar displays of affection/adoration.

davisfinney said...

@brijendra: people will always do wat they feel that does not mean sachin has to reply to everything. his job is to serve the country and he is doing it very well.
@aadarsh :awesome!!

adarshs said...

@brij sir..dere always is some amnt of "over the top" admiration for such stars.But what can he do, we cant expect him to tell ppl nt to do whatever they do because its dere way o showing affection.I think as long as ppl arent making themselves or others worse off because of such admiration, its fine

@davis..thanks dude..nice to c u here :)