Thursday, September 23, 2010

India is my name

I am dirty & I am populated
Just two out of hundreds of blames
But I am hungry & I am motivated
India is my name

I was wealthy & I was rich
The Golden Bird-My claim to fame
But I was robbed & I was ditched
India is my name

Many a hurdle I have crossed
Have failed for which no excuses that are lame
Still recovering from what I have lost
India is my name

I love all religions & castes
Filled with plateaus & plains
My diversity is so vast
India is my name

My people respect all relations
Not backward But love our shame
Filled with history & tradition
India is my name

I am proud of my people
Lost pride who are trying to reclaim
Growing despite the cripples
India is my name

Not to be confused as weak
I want peace to remain
Through discussion solutions I first seek
India is my name

Giving the world star after star
Across centuries it is still the same
From Zero to Nano car
India is my name

Renowed world over as a great host
My people help & don't think of any gain
Squeezing resources to get the most
India is my name

Home to the Taj & land of the Ganga
Leaving the world amazed
Always flying high is my Tiranga..India is my name!


MAVERICK said...

Quite interesting, it seems the foreign trip has surely moved you more towards liking your motherland.
Its good and a bit inspirational as well. Keep up the good work

adarshs said...

thanks a lot sahil....well i have always felt so strongly about India but ya coming out has brought words to those feelings :)

Sharan Saini said...

and the feelings in the words

adarshs said...

thanks a lot :)

Brijender Singh said...

How do i love thee,let me count the ways....
Sentiments written for a lovestruck heart yet somehow almost perfectly defining the inadequacies of trying to encapsulate the irrepressible love that each of us is bound to fee,one time or the other,for this corner of the earth that we call home.
There may be many places that are more beautiful than India,more organised, more comfortable.....but there really can just never be anything quite like India !

adarshs said...

no matter how many faults we have, no matter how many evils prevail, apna desh to apna hi hota hai :)

Bal said...

I used to be patriotic but then I came to Indore.

adarshs said...

@bal...haha...koi na bhaji...indore vi maada ni....panna yad karo...things r slowly improvin...everywhere!