Sunday, May 11, 2014

IPL vs IPL, Politicians and their cricketer equivalents!

Indians love cricket, and a lot of them hate politics with an equal measure. But, if you look at things closely, you will realize there is not much of a difference. If IPL stands for Indian Premier League, it can also stand for Indian Political League. And, if you dig deeper, even the players ( or characters if you think its all a drama) bear an uncanny resemblance.  This season of the Indian Political league will come to an end this Friday, while the cricketers will carry on for a bit longer. We, in the meanwhile, will try to find the cricketer equivalent of some of our more popular politicians.

Lets start with the man of the moment, Narendra Modi, who for the past year or so has been in the best form of his life. Ofcourse, you will have to concede that he has had his fair share of controversies. He can always be trusted to have some not-so-kind words for his opponents, but has kind of mellowed with time. Currently captains his IPL team and hopes to soon take over the reigns at the national level. Virat Kohli?

Arvind Kejriwal – A gutsy player, who has his own unique style. Started with a bang, a century on debut but threw away his wicket when he was nearing a double. Off late, has started throwing away his wicket cheaply and form has been very sporadic. He will need to bring consistency into his game or the selectors might have a relook. Shikhar Dhawan?

Sonia Gandhi – Was never in power, yet always in power. Remote controlled the team from the outside. The captain damaged his clean reputation by falling in line with her plans. Obviously, the son-in-law has not helped!  N Srinivasan?

Robert Vadra – Ok. This is too easy. Who else but Gurunath Meiyappan!

Rahul Gandhi – Had a rich heritage and a legacy most of the country adores. Got opportunities based on the same legacy but could never live upto his surname. A surname doesn’t make you a good cricketer, why should it be any different in Politics? Rohan Gavaskar?

Digvijay Singh – Was once considered highly talented but wasted all his opportunities. Has a foot in mouth disease. His affairs outside the real game have grabbed the limelight lately. If anyone in politics could be called Controversy’s Child, its him! Sreesanth?

Priyanka Vadra – The poor lady has not even began her career yet. But, for the faithful she has already become a ray of hope. Her every movement is tracked, every innings is being watched! Arjun Tendulkar?

So these were the players, What about the teams??

Aam Aadmi Party –  A team which has done the most with limited resources. Created shockwaves with their maiden performance! A mix of everything. First time youngsters or people with years of experience who never got their chance, they have everyone. Rajasthan Royals?

Congress - Corruption scandals have haunted them. Captain was considered clean but the owners have made sure he is also caught in the mess. Yet, can never be counted out. Chennai Super Kings?

BJP – Have become a one man show. Have many players worth their names, yet they are overshadowed by this trailblazer. After the poor form of last few seasons, decided on a total rejig of the team. Brought in a lot of new players, masterminded by someone sitting in the dugout, are currently leading the charts. Kings XI Punjab?

Which makes me realize, there is difference between cricket and politics! In politics, we don’t have a non-controversial figure, someone who is loved by all. Politics doesn't have a Sachin Tendulkar ( or Rahul Dravid ) equivalent!

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