Friday, May 20, 2011

The Curious Case of Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani can arguably be called one of India's best lawyers, which is a very subjective term so lets call him one of India's most paid lawyers. But he is weird. If you think he is not, wait and read further!

He takes a moral high by fighting against the black money stashed outside India. He joins Anna Hazare against corruption. Then, he defends Kanimozhi?? Do you know he also defended Harshad Mehta & Ketan Parekh. If these names haven't rung a bell, let me remind you that these were the people who were behind the biggest stock market scams in India. Isn't that Black money Sir?

He has also defended some very high profile but infamous names like Manu Sharma & Afzal Guru. Afterwards, he has used excuses like , "Didn't want Afzal Guru to die easily but rot in jail" and "I have some obligations to some peoplE" in Manu Sharma's case.

He has had a very strange Political career as well. He was a minister in the Vajpayee government and then he went on to fight againt AB Vajpayee in the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections and in 2010, he was again a BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha. He has also started a couple of political outfits in the past which didn't really pick up.

I am not judging him. He certainly is one of India's top lawyers and everyone has a right to proper defence in a court but for a person taking high moral ground of issues of black money, Should he be taking such cases?

All I am saying is that he seems to be a confused personality.

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