Saturday, May 14, 2011

Filled With Burden

I aint a soldier who will look back
In front I see a man just like me

I will catch the fish in the sea
Her fault is that I am hungry

I am furious & I am angry
I will take it out on you

I just have to make it through
No one cares how or why

Always coming up with a new lie
Trying to hide my sins

Having lost myself for those wins
I keep wishing for more

One day will crash into the floor
Filled with burden is my sack


Sidra Sayeed said...

Here's a little something to lift up the spirits!

It isn't my composition, but it's an excellent little something to put a smile on your face (I hope!)

adarshs said...

thanks sidra(or shall i use d other name ;) ) bt its not as if i m not smiling otherwise :)