Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama gone, Mystery remains

Almost the entire peace loving world is celebrating the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the rest (peace loving) are busy trying to read between the lines in this whole affair. Osama has died but the mystery remains.

So much is there which needs to be answered(and the list is not robust)..

1.       What was Pakistan’s role in this whole operation? Did they know or did they not?
2.       If Pakistan didn’t know, as the US and Pakistan claim, why was the areas cordoned off and electricity cut off in the region?
3.       Did Pakistan know about Osama being in the region? They say no but I find it difficult to believe. Even if for a moment you assume that he didn’t move in and out of the house, what about his dialysis? USA claims no dialysis equipment has been found so wasn’t the Military hospital in the vicinity the only possible option?
4.       Living there is one part but OSAMA BIN LADEN shifted to a high security area in the heart of Pakistan and no one seemed to notice. I find it hard to believe.
5.       On a similar note to the last point, US forces had the house in question on surveillance(right next to the Pakistani Military academy) And no one noticed. If this is true, it doesn’t put Pakistani forces and intelligence in good light.
6.       Why did the White house suddenly chance its stance about Osama being armed to being unarmed in 2 days? If he was unarmed, why wasn’t he captured? They say he was killed while resisting arrest, well can’t more than a dozen trained Navy seals arrest an unarmed person?
7.       He was unarmed they say. It would be a fair assumption that even Osama wouldn’t carry a gun 24*7 but the operation lasted for 40 minutes according to the White House which means it took them 40 minutes to reach Osama and even after those 40 minutes, he was unarmed. Are we trying to say that the World’s most wanted man was living in a house without any ammunition?
8.       Last but not the least, Why doesn’t Obama want us to see the proof?!

Like I said before, all the good people in the World would have liked to see the end of Osama but at the same time everyone would have wanted this end to be final and free of controversies. This seems like a screenplay in narration rather than the end, which we all want to see.

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