Thursday, July 22, 2010

My First Love Story

With her mother she came to my home
She said she wanted to see my room
Together we started to play
Soon this started to happen everyday

One day I asked her, "will you be my girlfriend"
She laughed and said, "But arent you already my boyfriend."
Our daily routine went on
I felt nothing can go wrong

Then one day She said they are moving to the US
I went into complete distress
On my cheek she planted a kiss
I knew her I would dearly miss

The day they were to leave was here
She looked perfect with her hands in her hair
She saw me standing far away and smiled
I couldn't control myself and started to cry

Running towards me came she
Hugged me and told me she loved me
That was my first love story
I was eight and she was twenty

*Not to be confused as "my" first love story*


Brijender Singh said...

As good as your writings are,what I enjoy even more is the clarification that you give at the end of each post in which you have written about love !
I wonder who it was who once was speaking to me about confirmation bias???

adarshs said... thats a good observation...also, now one can easily make out if i write about my own lovestory as that wont b having a footnote... :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Adarsh - Came across your blog from WeBlog and am following - like your poems and your humor.

adarshs said...

hi Corinne..thanks a lot and welcome :)