Sunday, July 25, 2010

Overcome the Dark

Light may make things bright
But darkness is the real light
Once you have overcome the dark
You never need to hide

For those who fear the dark
Ready to eat you up are many a shark
But if you go on and defy the odds
You will surely make a mark

You may bask in the glory of achieving something
But someday you may lose everything
But once you have failed
You learn to live with anything

You will have your days
But sometimes failure will make hay
But if you are strong enough
You will make your way

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Anonymous said...

gahh pa dita veereee..

adarshs said...

thanks ji :)

Jaspreet said...

Very positive and true too I guess!esp liked 'Once you've overcome the dark,you never need to hide'.Most of the failures happen because of the 'fear of failure' only.

adarshs said...

thanks for d appreciation jaspreet. hope to keep getting ur feedback :)

Somanjana said...

Nice one...keep it flowing Adarsh!

adarshs said...

thanks somanjana....with readers like u, i sure will :)

Paul Swendson said...

By being willing to share what you write, it seems to me that you are living out the message in the poem. A willingness to share is one of the most important steps in "overcoming the dark."

Sundeep said...

I usually find difficult to understand the full extent of what a poem conveys..

But I found yours easy to understand..

simple words yet so powerful a message :)

liked it :)

Avi said...

Wow! I love your point of view :)
Really, failure is important. It makes success taste even sweeter!

Well written buddy. All the best!

Raksha Raman said...

Hello! Glad to have visited. Completely agree with your take on it. Nobody would have appreciated the goodness of light w/o knowing what darkness is all about! What pushes us to darkness is the fear and uncertainty. It's better to live one moment at a time than worrying way too much. Nice job! Cheers! Good luck!

adarshs said...
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adarshs said...

@paul...thanks..i sure m tryin to live by wat i say...cause if i dnt, wat right do i hav to write n preach others :) pleasure...i myself dnt understand things that r too complex so try to write as simple as possible or rather i cant write that hi-fi complex

@avi...thanks a lot...glad that u liked it :) hope to keep seeing u here

@raksha...thanks..completely agree with wat u say....fear is d rootcause o failure...welcome to d blog...hope to get constant feedback...

TurbulentMind said...

"But if you are strong enough
You will make your way"

So true..a thought written out very nicely :)

Priyam Banerjee said...

Very nicely put together!!! Keep up buddy!!!

adarshs said...

@priyam & turbulent mind...thanks a lot...hopin from constant feedback from u :)

Nandana S Nallapu said...

Simple yet profound !! Well-written

All the Best :)

Sharan Saini said...

thats one of ur oldest poems. .. posted quite late.. iv always loved this one :)

adarshs said...

@nandana...thanks o my personal favs :)

Hiyaa said...

All the best!