Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That MBA guy

Hi Guys

This is a tribute to al the MBA graduates out there or those who are still in the process. Its is just a satirical take and meant to make you laugh a bit and if possible to rekindle some of those memories. Hope you like it :)and even if you don't(and also if you do) please leave a comment...

He entered the hallowed portals with loads of dreams
He was supposedly a part of the country's cream

He thought he is set for life but He didnt know
Soon he realised there is still a long way to go

Everyday had to sit on the same chair
Unannounced quizzes became a daily affair

Relative grading seemed an example of price discrimination
Nomore seemed like a place for knowledge assimilation

Some were fighting for an A+
He got busy with DC++

Daily case studies became just too much
Started to copy assignments Hush Hush

All his life he had been a fighter
took a break, became a free rider

CP Challenge made classes easy to bear
Good ones got cheers, Random CP noone wanted to hear

Got caught up in the 4P's
the insomniac became a fan of late night tea

Marketing and equity research he kept on tanking
CFA level 1 clear, only wanted investment banking

Not placed till day 2
kept on thinking what do I do?

Did a decision tree analysis & decided his positioning
Dead in finance, went for marketing

Wanted to race ahead of his rivals
kept getting screwed,first summers & then finals

From my mind, that MBA Guy's memory doesnt faint
Last I heard, in Kerala he was selling paints


Brijender Singh said...

Since there is no disclaimer here,am tempted to think that this is about you ! ;)
But then,it is in third person !
Either way, you make it sound far worse than you profess whenever we meet !!!

adarshs said...

haha....no...this guy is a mixture o a lot of guys...some parts are me also..bt its nt that bad also...its just a way of putting it :)

tarun said...
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tarun said...

nicely written...