Monday, July 19, 2010

A polite policeman

I moved the car off the road as the traffic policeman showed me his hand.We(myself, ashish & Jaskirat) had been stopped for allegedly having jumped the red light. I still think the light was green but police walon ko kaun samjhaye(how to make the policemen understand). He started giving a lecture to us which included reminding us of the fact that being a student of an institute of excellence, we should follow rules and how hard there life is etc etc.

Suddenly, my dear friend Ashish got off the car and started off with a lecture of his own. He asked the policemen that when there were 10 other cars who had crossed the lights at the same time as us, why were only we being questioned and penalised. I was like, What the F***? I tried to take Ashish away but he was in a different mood. His next lines took the policewalas with surprise. He said,"Just because we were good enough to stop, you are penalising us which means we also should not stop like the others and run away like the others." While one of the two policemen got angry and started shouting at us, the other one(who was the senior) asked Ashish to tell him how things could be managed better.

In the meantime, the angry policeman took me and Jaskirat in front

Policeman: Look at these people, they are jumping the red light. Right?
Me & Jaskirat: Yes
Policeman: Now when I stop them, they will never accept this.

He randomly stopped one of the umpteen cars jumping the lights.

Me & Jaskirat: Thats exactly what we were saying. Why only stop him when the others also were involved in the same act.

The Policeman conveniently ignored us and went to the latest Bakras he had.

As we returned to Ashish and the senior policeman, we heard Ashish giving him ideas like putting up barriers on the road so that people can't run away if they are stopped etc. The Policeman explained to Ashish that such a thing requires money and only the government or the senior officials can take such a decision.

By then, the other policeman had returned and started talking about challaning us. I told him to do a on the spot challan as it is very difficult to come to the court for us as our institute is far away. The senior policeman came in and said

"No, we have learnt a lot of things from the students of WIMCI* today. Go, no challan."

*WIMCI-Well Known Institute of Management in Central India, also known as IIM Indore


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