Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The name is Bond, James Bond

You are the best M has got
Somehow you never get shot
On the hitlist you always stay
Still you come back to Die Another Day

Vesper and tracy took your heart away
You had to come back in dismay
On her majesty's secret service that you cant afford
Hence you pretend you are cold

A danger to enemies and husbands alike
Your virtues overshadow the vice
Winning each battle, no matter how tough
Someone for whom the world is not enough

You always give nightmares to Q
Why do accidents occur so frequently with you
With each gadget you seem to be a master
Each gadget in its destiny has disaster

From connery to brosnan to craig
In your hand holding a Walther PPK
Tuxedos over the years you have preferred
And Vodka Martini, Shaken not stirred

Be it blofeld,le chiffre or Dr No
On fire, water or snow
You can even defeat voldemort without a wand
Because, "The name is Bond, James Bond."


Sharan Saini said...

amazing , m surprised it came out so late.

adarshs said...

well....if i think of it took some time coming, bt better late den never :)

Brijender Singh said...

Lovely-esp liked the line "danger to enemies and husbands alike" !!
Reading it takes you through the entire montage of Bond films,over the decades.
Brilliant writing !

adarshs said...

thanks a lot sir...just an ode from a fan :)